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    Elbows up men.

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    Bobby is really buff

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    Quote Originally Posted by recon1 View Post
    Applaud these guys for taking a kid out and being active, But these alleged men trying to hit a baseball are pathetic excuses for men. A man who tucks his girly hair behind his ear is probably the catcher. Only pitcher in this video was the kid.
    Per Bobby's request I grew my hair out for his wedding. We actually tried to get JJ to make a guest appearance to play catcher but dining alone at Silver Seven's apparently took precedent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayvegas420 View Post
    Opie, post that video.
    We'd love to see it.
    It has to better than reading the you've been posting for the past 5 months!
    You're losin' your edge bud!l Like watching Larry Holmes at the end of his career in the 80's
    And the crickets continue to chirp...

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    Quote Originally Posted by opie1988 View Post

    Robert....you and Herbie's swings are absolutely TERRIBLE!! Beyond bad.

    I'm going to make a video in my cage of what your swing should look like. In fact...I may do a split screen of y'all's swing vs a 7 year old girls swing. Simply to further emasculate you.

    This was tough to watch.
    Opie did you ever make this video?

    I've been waiting.

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