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    Quote Originally Posted by boomer62 View Post
    I think you should be fired from your job then!!!! Cards were the better team, that's it. Maybe we should all call you out and start looking for another job. And is the guy supposed to be perfect because you say so??
    Lol. From a gambling point of view I would think alot of other guys would be "fired" before me.

    And did I say perfect? No. My expectation was for Kershaw not to get canned in game 1 like he did in the last game of the season last year and for him to be able to pitch smart enough to avoid the worst possible outcome with 2 runners on in the 7th in a 2 run game. Far from perfection pappose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laclippers504 View Post
    Won't post contents but am including the tickets from all games he's lost me in the playoffs.
    First off, you admit something that's beyond childish and embarrassing...but won't post the contents? What's left to lose?

    Since you've received responses in the past, I assume you left an address for him to contact you.

    Congrats on being bumped to the top of "well let's start with this guy" from now on whenever an anonymous threat arrives at the dodgers office for ANY player or coach.

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