Originally posted on 11/20/2020:

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What's the average age of these Italians that are dying of Covid you speak of? 80?

I've seen your pics, you're overweight. You need to lose some weight pal. You're at a high risk.

Ah I see. My mistake. Excuse me for wasting time talking like a fellow human to you.

I hope one day each of you people who keep saying old people dieing this way matters nothing to you have to face a family that has gone through it and forced to repeat your disgusting rhetoric.

And I do take care thanks, for my community as much for my fat self. Because I am not a foolish moron claiming it is fake, and I care about the older generation not having to live in fear and die horribly gasping for breath.

I'll never be able to read your name on here again without thinking lowlife. If only you could diet to resolve your being a piece of problem, we could both do something about fixing oursleves eh!