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    Congrads to Curacao Little League team !!!

    Curacao beat Japan 2-0 in a pitchers duel that saw the Curacao 12 year old pitcher KO 12 batters in 5 innings.

    This team bounced back from a 9-0 beating to the same Japan team but survived to the finals to get their revenge.

    Curacao will now play undefeated Hawaii for the Little League Championship.

    This Curacao team brings so much pride to the tiny island. They are indeed the pride of the Caribbean !

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    Congrats to Curacao. I was hoping to see California beat Hawaii so that Pimental could have thrown in the World Championship. Anyhow, it should be a great Little League World Championship game!

    Senator 7

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    the won it last year and, will probly win it again this year.

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    that's a solid baseball team, very fundamentally sound...

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    These kids are abput 15 years old

    I would have them checked out

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    0-0 in the 1st...I like Hawaii today.