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    Scam alert: Eurobet are frauds. Do not deposit there!

    I have struggled for about 2 weeks to receive the bonus and to get my account unlocked. I've sent them all the ID scans they need, but still they assured me that the won't unlock the acc, but will refund my deposit. It is 2 weeks since they promised the refund but they keep stalling and lying me on the support line. The lie they have technical difficulties with the website - blah-blah.

    I won't die without the Euros they stole form me and it is not worth it to sue them for 20EUR, but i want to know where I can ruin their reputation?

    One more thing - the fact that you put them A- rating is outrageous. These scammers are on the brink of bankrupt and they obviously lie for and steal every penny. They might have bee trustworthy in the past, but they have become total scammers nowadays.

    I just want warn new bettors and to make sure no one ever makes the mistake to register there, because you will lose your money no matter how successful punter you are. They firstly receive your deposit, than add 100% bonus and let you play for 2-3 day, making you believe everything is ok. Then they suddenly lock your account, start wanting your ID docs, and keep stalling you forever...

    Here is a tiny fraction of my correspondence with them. I have deposited with MB and they keep stalling me, hoping I will forget their scam...

    Dear Mr. ****

    Thank you for your message.

    Please accept our sincere apology for the delay processing your refund and any inconvenience this has caused you. Please refer to the previous e-mail sent from our Verification department explaining the current status of your payment.

    Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact either myself or another member of our Customer Services Team.

    Kind Regards,

    EuroBet Customer Services
    Please DO NOT respond to this email address, but for quicker answers USE the internal messaging system

    Dear Mr. ****,

    Please be advised that we have received your request for refund and have forwarded same to management.

    We have experienced technical difficulties on our website, hence this delay. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience caused and to thank you for your patience regarding this matter.

    Kind regards,
    Know Your Customer Department
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    I have same problem. . They gave me bonus too i shouldnt get it because im polish. Polish players are exluded from pormotion. I leave this 25E bonus in my account. After i play 2 bets (one not greded yet) they blocked my account.

    Please DO NOT respond to this email address, but for quicker answers USE the internal messaging system

    Dear Mr xxxx,

    Thank you for choosing to open an account with Eurobet,

    In accordance with the UK Gambling Act (2005), which requires us to ID verify all new account holders, we regret to inform you that we have been unable to verify you from the personal details submitted at registration.

    We respectfully wish to advise that your account has been temporarily suspended awaiting additional proof of identity and address in order to satisfy the requirements of the above Act.

    Please provide us with one item from list A and one item from list B:

    List A

    Copy of the photograph page of a valid passport
    Copy of your birth certificate
    Copy of a valid driving licence
    Copy of an EU ID card

    List B (All must be dated within the past three months)

    Copy of a mobile telephone Statement
    Copy of utility statement - i.e. water, gas, electric, council tax
    Copy of a bank statement for the card registered to your account
    (Only show the first six digits and last four of the card/account number as well as the account name.)

    Please note that if the address on your driving license or ID card matches your account address, then we will be able to accept this as both proof of identity and address.

    We are able to accept the above documentation by:

    Fax: 00 44 1483 747 097

    Email: verification@eurobet.com

    Post: Verifications Department, Gala Coral, Eurobet House, 10-24 Church Street West, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6HT (UK).

    Please also remember to include your username with any of the above in order to help us link the documentation provided to your account.

    Our Payments Department wishes to advise that they are unable to process any outstanding withdrawal requests until such time that your account has been verified in accordance with the above. Any recent request has therefore been returned to your balance in the interim period and we would ask you to please request your withdrawal again once verification has been completed and your account reactivated.

    We respectfully wish to advise that your account has been temporarily suspended pending receipt of the above proof of identity and we apologise for the delay and any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards


    Know Your Customer Department

    Gala Coral Group
    I sent 3 email with ID, pasport, bank slip, moneybookers account screen, driving license. First email i sent at 14.10.2010 till now have no answers! They have my 805 EUR.

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    I have the same problem with eurobet. I created an account on January17th and made a deposit of 25€. The next day when i tried to sign up my account was closed, so i haven´t done any bet.
    I inmediatly sent the documents they asked me for, but no answer, sent them again.... no answer. I tried to contact support and..... no answer at all.
    Thanks god i only deposited 25€, but they dont look serious at all.

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    Eurobet/Coral used to be a good house with great odds, now they are going downhill I guess, all this 'verification' crap and they also start limiting winners...2 years ago no id was necessary to play and high limits + fast payouts.

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    They've always limited winners hard, same as every other European book.

    Money won't be in any danger though - this is the largest gambling operation in Europe.

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    They will not reply on their "customer service line" was told to wait 5 hours for a reply from the numptie's "supervisor.
    All this after receiving no update in 15 days after asking for my funds to be withdrawn on 11/2. They are liars, thieves and all around frauds. Going to report their parent company in the European overseas commitee.