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    Watch your tennis bets on Bookmaker

    All around I am happy with Bookmaker but I just had something happen which has happened before. I am surprised a book of this magnitude has this apparent issue:

    If you live bet moneyline for a player to win and the player wins, for example 7-6, 1-6, 6-4, it will mark it as a LOSS for you and you can see in your history it is because they totaled up the games won by each player. It will show you lost (16) - (13).

    I'm guessing it's done through some sort of automatic code etc. but come on. This seems simple. and I imagine some don't catch that. I am waiting while they "review" my ticket right now.

    EDIT: They fixed my ticket.
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    Which match?

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    it happens sometimes not sure its a system error might be human error