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    Sports Books That Already Called The Winner For Next U.S. President

    I am trying to get an understanding of which sports books already called the winner of the U.S. Presidential election and your understanding of what a winning bet is in this regard. Sooooooo here goes:1. Please list the names of the Sports Books that already paid out for a winner as defined by the sports book.2. Did they allow you to use your winnings for more bets or allow you to withdraw your winnings out of the sports book? Which books kept the winnings frozen until a more sure decision in the future if any?Most mom and pop bettors are going to see the option to bet on someone for president. Most people would expect that if they won, that person would be putting their hand on the Bible on January 20th and being sworn in as the next President.3. Did you see any fine print at the time you made your bet that defined exactly what a winning bet for president was? Did you see any fine print at all in this regard at the time you made your bet? Please do not go by what anyone told you afterward, but only go by what you actually saw at the time you made your bet......Thank you for responding to this survey,UNDEFEATED

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    Jazz Sports have paid out on winning party, I'm not sure if they even offered bets on Trump and Biden.
    This thread will give you an idea on which books have paid out and which haven't paid out on different election markets, https://www.sportsbookreview.com/for...-election.html
    Bookmaker had swearing-in ceremony as criteria in their rules. But they could pay out sooner than that if it's clear cut.

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    This is a weird thread.