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    Heritage CS: Great Experience Today

    I was impressed how Heritage CS rep Gabe went above and beyond today. He confirmed that I completed the "balance boost bonus" RO and was eligible for a free check payout. He even put in my request as we chatted. Another issue I had was that I wasn't seeing any cashback accumulation for all the bets I made this weekend. I was recently switched back to the 108 lines as was everyone else that used to participate in the now transferred 105 line program (via sister book Bet105). Gabe stated that previous 105 line clients will be able to see their cashback balance soon, and previous action since the switchover will be included in the computation.

    Just a great overall experience after a generous 20% cash bonus. Looking forward to trying out Bet105. The only thing better than a Heritage out is 2 Heritage outs. Hats off to Heritage and Gabe.

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    nice to hear positive CS experiences.

    i really do like the heritage/wagerweb customer service experiences. quick and efficient. as long as i am signed in too they never ask my account number or password either. i like that.

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    Good stuff....

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    Not the first time I've seen Gabe mentioned for kudos here.
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