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    The Last Big US Facing Offshore that's gone under?

    I'm talking about a formerly, at least B Rated, pretty popular place, at least on the Offshore Forums, that simply no longer exists. I'm excluding places like Carib, which was highly rated, was popular, still exists, but seems to not have paid anyone for at least a year or so, and similarly Topbet, which I'm not sure was as ever highly rated.

    In my memory and very limited research, I think it might be Canbet in early 2014, or WSEX in 2013, depending on how you look at it. I think Canbet had stopped taking US action a few years prior. Both were still open taking bets for years prior, and were stiffing, and/or slow paying for years, but then just finally disappeared. Can anyone think of any more recent?

    If not, that's a good thing, although if anyplace is going to be tested, 2020 will be a pretty good test.

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    BetIslands. 2013.

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