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    BETUS loyalty blackjack tournaments

    I'm in a curious situation with BETUS. I've been a long time member but hadn't made a deposit in some time. I had silver status so they send me emails about entering their blackjack loyalty tournament. I entered and won $200. In the email, it stated it was a cash prize and there was a one time rollover before it could be cashed out. I played the $200 into several thousand and requested a payout. They are stating I'm subject to the max payout rule, citing it being a free bet which requires a 10-25 times rollover and max of 5x my last free bet received. The rules in the email contradict this. I feel like the entry into the loyalty tournament is not in the same category as a free bet so I feel I should be entitled to the money in my account. Any input from anyone would be appreciated as it feels they're making an interpretation to keep me from collecting.

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    Tough one.

    I agree it sounds like an argument about interpretation.

    Most no-deposit offers do carry terms about max payout amounts though.

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    I talked to them and eventually they changed their reasoning to me not making a deposit since 2015. So I said, the $200 I won could've been taken out, then re-deposited and I would've been able to keep all my winnings and he said, yes.. I said it didn't make any sense to take both of those steps when the money was already in the account. It didn't matter.. I'm getting a check sent to me and the remaining winnings have already been removed from my account. Losing out on $14,800 freaking hurts.. I'm thinking of making a small deposit to have money in there moving forward and if something like that happens again, I should be able to collect based on this precedent..

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    Why on earth give them a dime after them refusing to pay you or negotiate something a little more reasonable. They are a borderline scam shop
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