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    GTBets Bitcoin Deposits

    I want to prelude this by saying that up to this point I have had no issues with GTBets (depositing or withdrawing). However, I wanted to issue a caution to anyone depositing via bitcoin. Recently I noticed that the bitcoin conversion rates were off (quite significantly). After doing the math, I realized that the bitcoin conversion rate came out to $5000/btc whenever I requested an address to make a deposit. I thought that was an obvious error, as that's no where near the current bitcoin price, and the fact that it's an even number leads me to believe its simply a default rate used when the server that pulls the conversion rate isn't synced correctly. I waited a few weeks and thought the error would have been resolved, so I tried again today. At first I received a correct rate (around 6100) but unfortunately I waited too long to use that address (as my bitcoin wasn't ready to send) and I had to generate a new address. The $5000/btc rate then came back. To keep it short, I tried to explain this issue to support, but they simply stated that they don't control the bitcoin rate and they assumed I was just trying to get a better rate. I decided to just not deposit there, but figured I would warn others to proceed with caution. So please double check that the rate you're getting is reasonable!

    As an example: https://imgur.com/a/QT4QtYN

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    Fuk every one of those places.

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    No idea if it affected deposits but I know their processor was having issues in the beginning of the week
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    I just enter the amount I want to deposit manually as opposed to scanning the QR and the money comes out right. I haven't made a deposit there in a couple of weeks cuz my money is tied up somewhere else but I like their site. They used to short me $10 on my deposits but I complained about it and they said they fixed the issue and gave me a credit for all the past discrepancies. I might make a nickel deposit there today. I'll let you know..