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    Arsenal vs wolverhampton

    What is the best way to play this match arsenal -2 total over 3 or arsenal tt o2.5 thanks for any help

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    if the match ends 1-0 or 2-0, all 3 bets are shit :s

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    Think I'd rather play the total. Wolves matches attract a ton of goals. They have a very high percentage overall that have played to at least three goals. Not sure I trust Arsenal to win by more than two especially with their back line still having some injury woes I believe.

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    For me the total. Arsenal can receive a goal easily

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    Arsenal suck donkey balls

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    My sympathy is hereby extended to all who did the sensible thing and backed the home side. Couldn't watch the match but I understand Wanderers played the last fifteen plus stoppage down a man and Arse with their beautiful football still couldn't break them down. F*cking clowns . . . (the Gunners, that is - not you guys!)

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    I had the Under 3 in this one.