i had a bet of aces in first set of bulgaria vs usa in fivb nations leaguys
my bet was usa(-1) handicap
the melbet.com shows that the result is 2-2
but http://www.volleyball.world/en/men/s...atch#LiveStats is the official website of this event tells that it was 1-2
i told them and they didnt accept that
this was the first part. its not nice if they could show any result that they want and dont accept even the official website stats.
but the second problem was the site chat support. he/she ignored me and didnt told me even 1 word in the next 15-20 min that i was talking to him/her.
i dont know why someone else try to bet in this website if they are going to give poor services and doing whatever they want....
i will post the log of the chats between me and chat support of website