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    It is time for SBR to let the popular thread posters moderate their own threads. Many threads are ruined by the same handful of "trolls" who will push and push and push until either the thread is shut down or the poster quits.

    Give the thread starter the power to block posters from posting in there or removing any stupid comments. Clearly SBR moderators cannot control this on their own nor do they go far enough. If a poster brings nothing to the thread and just hates when he does BLOCK HIM PERMANENTLY from posting in that particular thread. This is not a hard thing to do. The mods of this site should have no problem doing this but it seems like they are too worried about stepping on toes.

    If someone is gonna just be a moron and not care about being banned for a few days take it one step further. Do this and hating will be way down guaranteed and all the popular threads will continue to thrive productively.

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