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    people are nutty af
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    I've watched the Rogan/Lazar interview four times. I don't think he's lying. Maybe embellishing a bit on a few things but he comes across as pretty genuine. How did he know where and when they were gonna run the flight tests? I don't think that Corbell guy is helping his cause any. He (Corbell) does come across as a bit of a con man but that might just be me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose View Post
    @ KVB

    In 1989 Bob Lazar revealed to the public that the UFOs possessed by the government were powered by a mysterious "Element 115". Lazar was labelled a nutcase as the scientific community had no knowledge of "Element 115". Until 2003, when a group of Russian scientists managed to lab create this element and it was posted on the periodic table. I'd say 14 years before his time was damned remarkable for Bob Lazar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaperTrail07 View Post
    I mean its pretty simple

    Look at where the pyramids were built....The Great for Example---the geographic coordinates match the speed of light ....there is no coincidence.....NONE lol...
    Whoah whoah whoah

    The great pyramid was built thousands of years before modern units of measurement were invented

    So does that mean that Copernicus was an alien or alien plant as were all the people who normalized the use of meters?

    Come on now
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    UFO are bull shit. ITs simply missile tests, and other tests, meteorites, etc. The way things are developing with the release of documents and how world economic forum is planning things, makes believe that they will use alien threat (a fake one obviously) to pass even more sinister policies to take control of the population and to ramp up globalization. There is a reason musk, bezos, gates etc are creating their own space programs with building rockets and stuff. They can simply tell whatever to the sheeps in earth claiming they saw it or captured in their satellite in another galaxy or far away in solar system adn push it as a threat to invade even more of your privacy and to control all aspects of your life. considering how the sheeps fell for corona, its will be very very easy.
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First 123