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    Props to SBR for allowing SB props to be parlayed and the Troy Polamalu over .5 prop

    Not many books allow props to be parlayed. I took a piece of that Polamalu over .5 sacks, fumbles and or interceptions

    all my life I hated that yetti mfer unless I bet his side. I will root my ass off for him to make one big play and he will if he steps on that field cause that rascal is a play maker if there ever was one badder than bad ass Mel Blount and Lambert combined I tell you he will make a play if he stays half ass healthy during the game

    T. POLAMALU SACKS+INTS+FUMBLE RECOVERIESFeb 066041OV 0.5oŻ+2806:25 PM 6042UND 0.5uŻ-300they got him at over .5 sacks, fumbles or int ya gotta take a chunk eyy?

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    Go get 'em, Shooter!

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    I loved this bet until I saw it was -300. Too much juice on a prop bet for me.

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    go get a chicken dinner, because that chicken has hatched