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    Answer to Bodog Moneyline question

    6:58:43 PM :
    Juan F.: If the spread is between -3(-110) and -10(-110) there might be a moneyline, you can check back one hour before the game starts, but we are not able to tell for sure.

    6:59:44 PM :
    Me: if its not up withing an hour before game time it aint happening

    7:00:08 PM :
    Juan F.: Correct.

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    every other book has the game at PK...good spot to take Oregon at +3

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    Bodog is always very late for putting up spreads and money lines when every other book puts them out days in advance. Bodog is a good book for betting dogs though, just make sure to have other online books besides Bodog so you can put your money line bets on when you want to.

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    Yes, Bodog will wait until the day of to put up MLs, and if it's under +3 (-110) [like Oregon wouldn't qualify at +3 -135] or over +10 there definitely won't be.

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    Bodog should grow a pair.