Anyone do any on this forum? The one has pretty fun format with a bit strategy to it

The object of the game is to pick the players you think will perform best in their playoff matchup. Select one QB, two RBs, two WRs, one TE, one K and one D/ST. You will earn Fantasy points based on their on-field performance during their game, and if your player's team wins, you will have the option to carry that player over to the next round, where he will earn a bonus points modifier to his score.

For example, if you pick Tom Brady in the Wild Card round and the Patriots win, you can carry him over to the Divisional Round, and earn 2x the points he earns in his divisional round game. If the Patriots win again, you can carry Brady into the Conference Championships for 3x his points, and if the Patriots win again, you can carry him into the Super Bowl and earn 4x his points. In addition, a user can select a player in the Wild Card round even if their team has a bye into the Divisional Round. In this case, the user would not earn any points for the Wild Card round, but would then be eligible to earn 2x points in the Divisional round, since the player was on the teamís roster for 2 weekly scoring periods. Further bonus points modifiers would also apply as long as that playerís team continued in the NFL Playoffs.
Join the league SBR password is "1"