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    Lazerwager offers Paris Hilton $100,000???

    Gaming Company Invites Paris Hilton to Find New Best Friend Online

    San Jose, Costa Rica – Online sports and Live Dealer gaming website LazerWager.com

    Paris Hilton, 27, announced that she’s looking for a new best friend that she can trust. After rolling through former best friends Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and Brittany Spears, Hilton stated she’s interested in finding “Someone who is not going to stab me in the back - it's happened a lot in this town."

    Instead of selecting from a cast of fellow heiresses, child stars, or the celebrity of the month to unearth her next best friend, Hilton has decided to reach out to the common folk by signing on with MTV to star in the reality show, Paris Hilton’s My New BBF (Best Friends Forever). Hilton reportedly co-created the show with former VH1 executive Michel Hirschorn and Stella Stolper, which is slated to begin shooting this May.

    Dan Del Gato, director of operations at LazerWager.com, an online sports, casino and entertainment gaming Web site, confirmed, “If Paris is looking for a new best friend to have fun with, we think this is a perfect fit! Paris loves to be in front of the camera, so why not be a guest Blackjack dealer and meet her fans from all over the world all at once? The games are fun and maybe she’ll walk away with a new best friend.”

    LazerWager hosts online casino tournaments featuring celebrity dealers that allow their players to participate via the Internet with real-time streaming video. “Our players love our Live Dealer tournaments and participation increases dramatically when we feature a celebrity dealer,” added Del Gato. LazerWager has invited Ms. Hilton to visit Costa Rica and be a guest dealer for an upcoming weekend tournament for $100,000. Brittany Spears had previously been offered the position, however, LazerWager had to recant the offer once Spears began making daily headlines due to her strange personal life.

    “I am a really good judge of character so usually I can tell and I think, having all these people live together in a house and seeing how they all react to what I'm going to put them through, I'll see what kind of people they are,” explained Hilton. She still hasn’t found what she’s looking for in the United States, so maybe the Internet is the next logical step for the beautiful hotel heiress.


    For more info contact Ms. Pendleton at pr@lazerwager.com

    so let me get this straight....they have $100,000 on tap for Paris to deal in their live casino....but yet....they cant pay the players they have owed for the last few months....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

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    They must be paying Paris the 100k they owe SBR members.

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    Lazer posted this in a thread on SBR. You will note my response there was

    Quote Originally Posted by 20Four7 View Post
    why not spend some time figuring out how to process payments and not some gimmick to have suckers deposit in a deposit only book.

    Just a thought.

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    They have no shame. None.

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    What would they do if she agrees to do it??

    Give her credit in the casino??

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    I'll be her best friend for a while. I'm sure she'd be a freak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bettilimbroke999 View Post
    They must be paying Paris the 100k they owe SBR members.
    Actually it was estimated at a $120,000 that they robbed/stoled from their players without a gun with.

    SBR visits LazerWager (SBR rating D-) office to discuss withdrawal issues

    The sportsbook's management tells SBR that a single credit card processor, which has taken the majority of its deposits, is refusing to release the funds to the book and hasn't done so since January 15th. Lazer tells SBR that if the credit card processor does not release the funds they will invest more money in the book and a best case scenario would be some players receiving payment in early April. SBR asked LazerWager the obvious question. Why would they not save their reputation and the players from waiting by funding the business now since players will purportedly be paid regardless? The manager we spoke with was unable to address this question on behalf of its "anonymous ownership". Players should be concerned due to the fact that the book is unable or unwilling to pay, making this more than a processing issue. Lazerwager is currently still taking deposits from new players. SBR estimates the debt to Lazer users to be just over $120,000.

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    Absolutely ridiculous! Sportsbook owes 120k and refuses to pay b/c of some madeup excuse about their credit card processor refusing to give them the money, yet they are going everywhere trying to pay some slut 100k to be "live" blackjack dealer. For those of you that wonder why some books get rated D or F, look no further than this thread. These are the people you are sending your money to when you "take a chance" on a D or F book that offers great sign-up bonuses. Meanwhile, some idiot who wants a 100% sign-up bonus will be in here in a week posting "Lazerwager robbed me, help me" and it will just be another couple grand added to the pile of D and F book debt.

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    They can offer her whatever they want, as there's not a chance in hell they'll wind up paying her six figures. She'd come home and never see that check in the mail (not like she needs it anyways)

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    she was probably insulted at the "low amount" of 100K

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    Why would they remove a post that I wrote telling the truth about the scam Lazer wager is pulling