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    OK someone explain this to me real time casino

    was playing last night craps guy walks up buys in for like $900 all $25 chips places it on no 9 wam 9 hits he loses and walks away

    All of a sudden i remember this guy did this last year same thing.

    I can see doing it but the shooters point was 8 thats where you should bet against.

    Maybe he has won too much and needs to record losses or like wtf

    white male clean gray hair i'm guessing in 40's or 50's

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    could be a shitty bettor. could have bad luck.

    if he is going to do what he did he should just get $100 chips or even a $500

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    Why is that a bad play? No 6,8,9 are good bets since you don’t have to pay much juice like 4 or 10.