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    week 18 spreads and one game i freaking dare you to bet

    this game omg COLTS home -2.5 vs texans neither team has anything to play for out of playoffs

    Jeff saturday finish season or going with another idiot lol wins 1 game then loses 6

    afc south won by jaguars no wild cards

    now i see huge spread Eagles -13.5 im thinking Giants are benching because they already won wc spot

    now the dolphins -1 home vs jets is like interesting both teams fell apart last 2 weeks

    phins lost to packers wk 16 20-26

    jets got smeared tnf home fav lost to jags 3-19

    wk 17 phins +3 covered @ N E 21-23

    Jets +2.5 @ seattle got buried

    lions @ packers lions +4.5 lions unloaded a 41 burger vs lame bears as a -4.5 chalk

    detroit hasnt won @ GB in late dec or early jan since like detroit season over starting out 1-6

    packers started out 3-6 both teams can get wc spot with a win so now what one beat up weakest div rival

    packers hammered vikings a far better team

    cowboys - 4 at Wash hmmmmmmmmmmm c boys got WC spot but if eagles lose cowboys win then cowboys win div but not #1 seed

    any way eagles spread tells me giants are benching really no reason for giants to injure starters

    dolphins if win get wc i think or maybe pariots win they get wc

    lots of ??? every game

    Chiefs laying 9.5 @ raiders well maybe they cover this time raiders hung with them on MNF

    i guess because Carr is now out or what i dunno

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    u don't know jack

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    hey pal sportsbetting is not quantum mechanics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cincinnatikid513 View Post
    u don't know jack
    ahem i said dare you to bet and the pos colts lost to Texans at home 7 losses in a row way to go colts make a former player a head coach