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They need to retire my headband! lol
Payne is over his head. I don't know how deep they went with the search but I think a few coaches backed off because they didn't know the fate of the program back in March. Pearl seemed to only use the publicity to get himself a raise at Auburn. At the time of hiring though Louisville had no president and an interim athletic director.
Bellarmine actually isn't bad. Former D2 school with a good coach that coached at Louisville Ballard high school and worked under Crum and Pitino. It's just bad bball all around and his buyout is 10 million so don't look for that to happen after this season but you're also losing money when fans don't renew season tickets and aren't coming to games where they lose by 15-20.
This has absolutely nothing to do with Kenny Payne. Louisville was under investigation for multiple years and they were getting 2 and 3 star recruits instead of 4 and 5 star, and not to mention they couldnt get better through the transfer portal. Hard to win when you dont have the horses…..Payne will bring them back, but he needs a few years.