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    Tom Brady is still Tom Brady!

    +2500 Tampa Bay win the Super Bowl early this morning!

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    Did we win?
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    Bro it was the toilet bowl. Both teams in that game are complete shit. Settle down.
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    I bet you would suck his dikk

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    Heís really been pretty good all year the receivers the receivers have been dropping balls

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    TB ainít going anywhere.

    But, good luck.

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    Make SBR Great Again in 2023
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    it is not his fault. that line sucks and usually defense is not that good. yesterday defense looked better cause the rams suck too. don't be fooled. if they can beat the seahawks i would be surprised.

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    Horrible defense by Rams

    If they guard sideline patterns they easily stop the Bucs drive

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    why don't more teams go for the win rams 3rd and 5 run up the middle to kill clock u don't have a play for cooper kupp there to get a 1st down