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    Quote Originally Posted by DrunkHorseplayer View Post
    Add to that the fact that WAR is a garbage stat invented by America's number 1 armchair fool, Bill James.
    Couldn’t be more hilariously wrong if you tried. No one has spent more words criticizing WAR than Bill James. One of his more recent epics on the topic: https://www.billjamesonline.com/the_...blem_with_war/

    Original versions of WAR were from the early years of baseballprospectus. Fangraphs and baseballreference have since taken over. James has never really had any involvement with any of those.

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    Dude has been absolutely ridiculous this year. He's pretty much carried their offense for most of the season and if you take his name out of the picture, they don't even have a playoff worthy Starting lineup.

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    Yes for Judge .

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    yes best season in three decades

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    There are different versions of WAR as well. Fangraphs has one, baseball reference has their own, baseball prospectus too. As far as I know, they all have Judge rated higher this year

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    Yes Judge is MVP.

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First 12