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    Why do fullbacks never get the first down?

    Is it because there is no lead blocking.

    Jeez 3rd and an inch just sneak it

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    the dive play usually only works in service academy games

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    Did you see how well NE front 4 filled gaps? Each NE tackle took out 2 blockers and the edge guys were demanding a double team or TE help.

    This leaves 3 linebackers + a SS absolutely FREE to do whatever the fukk they want at the line....ATL had 0 shot at a running game from the 1st drive, and short distance was going to be an uphill struggle w NE gap discipline & free runners at the line.

    Other teams are better up front, Tenn and GB are pretty good w their FB utilization.

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    They usually do

    Falcons are trash

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    Slow feet