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    How Will Individual Records Be Treated Now in a 17 Game NFL Season?

    So if someone breaks the rushing yards or TDs or sacks record in a 17 game season over someone who did it previously in a 16 game season will it count as official or would the records be pro-rated for 16 games and only count the average?

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    stop trying to complicate everything

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    Of course not, this isn't the first time the number of games has been increased.

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    So stupid.

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    It's total, but you make a valid point that it's hard to compare records for 16 game seasons.
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    The same way as when it went from 14 games to 16

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    Rushing records will remain unshattered forever and ever even if teams play 20 games.

    Passing will be broken every season even if they go back to 14 games. If you pro-rate because number of games is different, you would also had to prorate because new rules are in place (and QB can't be touched for example).

    Not prorating anything is a very good idea IMO
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