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Lets talk about gambling

Okay see we all have our own ways of making bets and how we come to that decision. Some of us just bet for fun and a few bet because they are in this to make money over time. Now im not one to write long stories but i always wanted to talk about gambling on the forum cause that's the one thing that brings us together.

I wanna talk about how we decide to make bets and what are the influencing factors for bets. We all look at lines and analyze games and make our decisions but it seems to me that some of us spend too little or too much time on capping games.

Some things that i have noticed over the years in gambling

1. When the line moves against you it is almost a CERTAIN LOSS.

2. You decide on a certain play but lines change and you think twice and leave it and it ends up being a winner.

3.You decide on a certain play but you say lets wait a bit and think about it. In the meantime you are losing value like no tomorrow and you end up taking it at a lower value and the line moves back the other way . This not only loses but leaves buyout options costly.

4.You go with your "gut" and it doesn't work for 3 days and then you give up that routine and just when you go against your gut or leave it all your gut plays win.

5.You devise a system( math or other)that you have been practicing with( with good results) and when put into use it fails miserably for a few weeks but just when you give up on it, it wins nonstop and when you jump back with it you lose your shirt.

6. You believe in your so called "capping " ability and think you know certain teams inside out and keep betting on them or against them and after you are buried you realize that you cant predict this stuff.

7. You look at an opening line and say" omg red sox are only -125 with lester versus the royals" and bet it for a couple of units. Then when you look later in the day or the next morning the line is -115. The square in you says" lets take more on". You should have known you already lost this bet over time.

8. You wait until the last minute to make a play on the ie (eagles) at +4.5. 2 days ago you could have had +5.5. The eagles are down 21-10 with 2 minutes left and get a td but miss a 2 pt conversion to leave them down 21-16. They get the onside kick and march down the field and run out of time with the ball near the goalline. Of course you lose your bet and cry" game is fixed". NO you fukked up.

9. You think you did well by fading the public and the line has moved in your favor big time. The lakers opened at -12 ( you took mil +12) and as closing time is approaching you are sitting looking pretty as the line is -10.5 with 5 minutes left before the game starts. All of the sudden the line moves to -11 then -11.5 and then -12. You say so what. Then you check the last move and it was -12.5 as the closing line. IF you continue to watch this game and think you win more than 50% of the time you are not versed.

10. You ran out of nine lives. You forgot to fade Brock Landers.

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