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    Quote Originally Posted by pavyracer View Post
    He is too skinny like you. He can't absorb the muscle punches of Volk. One Volk punch eguals 3 Holloway punches.
    i just like the odds
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    I've been a huge Street Jesus fan since he was in Strikeforce. Alot of people point to all his losses, but he's pretty damn talented! First of all, I think 155 was hard on him plus he's lost alot of split decisions where he would come out and feel the other guy out for a round and end up losing. Now he's at 170 and cranked up that killer instinct! He's so well rounded that he's hard to predict. I'm going to say he lands a spinning backfist on Marty tonite!

    If you go back to Condit/GSP, I think this fight could go down like that. GSP was way too powerful for CC, but CC caught him with a headkick and almost won the fight. GSP was wobbled, but it was towards the end of the round and he survived. Jorge has the same punchers chance, but he's a small 170. I really hope Jorge wins....I bet Dana does too. Jorge has personality, but Usman is so athletic and much bigger. I think Jorge should be about +250.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slikec View Post
    Why so greedy if they can get better odds at 80% of books? If you would ask for +235 i am sure some would think about it. Not me cause i see other fights with far more value in it.
    yea a bit greedy but it's only because i already have him at +215 and +235
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    Took this one to not go the distance.

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    I threw some free play bucks on Masvidal +230 and Holloway +192 and another pick on Yan -250.

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