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    Pitching has meant SHIT so far. Nationals offense been amazing.

    I honestly did not know Nationals were that stacked. They have some very great hitters. Wasn't that guy zimmerman like a number 4 hitter a few years back? They got him at 7 now, so that shows their 1-9 depth. But Houston has some bats. I think they will wake up.

    Verlander? Rocked. Cole? "Oh you can't hit him!" Rocked. Strasburg didn't even play that well. Astros left so many guys on base. They looked tight. That was about the HITTING. Not pitching. Being tight is a nerves thing. Whiffing away because someone is straight savage like madbum is a diff story.

    You can say I don't know what I'm talking about. Whatever. Most of you know more bases than me. Just saying man pitching so overrated. Astros can hit any pitcher. Nationals been hitting everyone so far. Kershaw? Straight murked.
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    The extra rest really helped nats pitchers. Astros starters look worn.

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