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    LT would bang anything 40-80

    Quote Originally Posted by funnyb25 View Post
    LT, what do you think of Doris Burke?

    Would you hit it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnyb25 View Post
    Bookmaker deemed action. Heritage does not. Very strange....
    Can't stand it when different books have different rules. Vegas rules should always apply.

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    worst one i had at bookmaker was a daily cycling matchup where my guy abandoned the race, they still graded it a loss because it falls under their "athletics" rules

    so if you see a cyclist retire after a stage, apparently you can get a free win and just take the other guy for the next day's matchup at bookmaker

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    Quote Originally Posted by LT Profits View Post
    Not all rules are logical, key is knowing what the rules are and living with them. Similar to refunding Over bets in shortened games that have already gone Over.
    As I said not angry bout it, incredibly rare I touch a game with any chance that weather gonna screw with it so not often Id hsve to worry about, just seems like there should be a reasonable answer for things! Lol. Often times there is and I just needed the obvious pointed out to me is why i asked

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