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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Most of them go over in the situation am I put $20 on the over also
    Quote Originally Posted by Thrilla View Post
    Why? because of stats?
    In the end it's the worst odds for an over this WC. The under play is Sharp and Bald imo.

    JJ, Listen to the greatest sports bettor in the history of mankind next time.

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    Lolololololol- nobody notice this game

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    Belgium wins a corner at end of half, gets set to take said corner and fuking ref blows the whistle to end half. Of course bet loses by a half corner. It's a fuking exhibition game and this twit blows the whistle

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    Quote Originally Posted by 19th Hole View Post
    Get it "Lehigh JJ"...
    Pending 7/14/18 10:00am FIFA World Cup 2018 Soccer
    2 Belgium (World Cup) +128* vs England (World Cup)
    JJ... This was a wallet filler.
    This insipid game is easy money.

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    Good call

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjm5122 View Post
    Anyone on england? Seems everyone thinks belgium easy
    I dont think any believed they'd be up for this game,it was all about the Final for us.

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