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    Will There Be A Run Scored In The 1st Inning: 'YES'

    I don't follow baseball as closely as other sports, so only as of late because of a bettor who wagers the prop frequently have i noticed that MLB teams score in the first inning more than i thought.

    So my question to regular baseball bettors is, has this always been the case, or does the pitching just stink these days to be giving up runs in the 1st on a regular basis?

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    I use to track first inning trends years ago and the NO seemed to be more popular then. Stat this year is the astros have played 19 home games and 16 have gone under in FF.

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    They are stabs period

    No secrets HMAN

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    you have the top hitters of both lineups going against the pitchers who may not yet be 'in the groove' of the game

    when the best pitchers are starting a game, the old adage about the batters 'better hit him early on, or they may never get him'

    Leadoff hitter at the top of the lineup is supposed to get on base and maybe steal second to get himself in scoring position

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    that prop is for action gamblers or someone betting on the 1010 west coast games to make up for losses in the early games.

    Granted every now and again I dabble on them as well, but for the most part I stay away. learned that hard lesson early not to bet that.

    It's like in NBA team to score 10 points first. 50/50 prop with inflated lines. Books always win