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    So Westrbook posts another season long triple double and not even MVP candidate

    So all the "experts" look at is win/loss right?

    Lebron can't win b/c he's a 4 seed and how can you give MVP to a team that is 4th in the east. 76ers beat them, so Lebron can't be MVP...says the analysts.

    Houston is the #1 seed. Over performed where they were projected and James Harden is the best player on that team.....soooooo he's MVP???

    Westbrook last year was all the talk doing something no one thought would ever happen again. But 2 years in a row, this year he's just doing "normal things" compared to last year it being monumental and MVP caliber.

    In the end, I don't really care b/c I don't have money on who wins MVP haha, but just food for thought, how is Westbrook not even mentioned in the top 4 race. It's Harden, Lebron, Anthony Davis, and Lillard. Westbrook 5th averaging a triple double.

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    Westbrook notorious stat padder. Bricks too many easy shots. Gifted with athleticism and that's it. Thunder should have kept Harden>Westbrook.