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    Is BETWAY crazy?!

    My name is Melanie from Austria.
    I have serious troubles with thesportsbetting site „Betway.

    I want to tell you about my case.

    I have cashed in 3.000€ and 3.911€on 8.2.2018. After a bit of time i increased my bankroll to31.472,80€. On 13.2.2018 i have tried to cash out 15.000€. Afterthat Betway told me to send them my Identification (passport) and ancurrent bill. So i sent them my passport from both sides, a pictureof me holding the passport in the hand and the bill including my nameand adress.

    On the 14.2.2018 i got a Mail. In theMail the staff person told me, that he would have liked to call mebut couldnt. I had written my phone number wrong. After that icorrected the number and arranged an phone appointment for the17.2.2018.

    The call was friendly and short. Thestaff person asked me some questions and i answered them. After thecall i sent a more current bill to betway (the other one was tooold).

    On 20.2.2018 i found out, that myaccount was set to a 1€ winning-limit. So I tried to cashout therest 16.472,80€. What happend next i was wondering about. Anotherstaff member called me the following day, but I didnt have time. So iarranged another phone appointment via livechat for the 21.2.2018 at5 p.m. But they called me at 4, 4:15 and 4:30 p.m. At 5 p.m. I wrotethem via livechat to call me again. They did. The (female) staffperson was very unfriendly to me and asked me in a sharp way why ididnt answer the calls, although the 5 p.m. arrangement. The call waslike a inquisition. She asked nearly the same questions like in thefirst call. And she told me that females dont bet and that they mustnot bet. Females dont do that at all. I told her, that i have playedtennis for many years and that i know a lot about these sport. I justplay tennisbets. I felt discriminated and criminalised. I dont think,that its illegal for females to bet. I know, that its uncommon, but iknow some other girls who also bet. I asked the staff woman why theycalled me twice. She told me that she didnt know about a 2nd call.But i dont believe that.

    After some further emails, that i wroteto betway, they told me, that they have to check my bill, that myaccount is in the security section and that it would be treated asfast as possbile. Mails including the questions about the time whenthey would let me cashout my money, they answered just with termslike „thank you for your understanding“ or „everything will beprocessed as fast as possible“.
    On 25.2.2018 i ask after it againbecause i got no answer after the call and they wrote me that theywould contact me again on 26.2.2018. But they didnt yet.Interesstingly i get contacted from different staff persons everytime.

    I am desperate and i feel treatedunfairly. I have sent them all documents they wanted me to send and imade already two phone calls to verify my identity.

    And at the end i have to say a greatthanks to Bet365 or williamhill. By these 2 bookies i have sent thepassport and an current bill and the cash out was there within 3-4hours. Great work from these companys but what betway do here isspecially agaisnt woman and i dont think this is the correct form thetreat customer.I think we life in a world where women also can bet onsport events and i dont see at the agbs that women are not allowed tobet.

    And yesterday I have stablished thatbetway withdraw the amount of 6911€( its like the deposit) andclosed my whole account. Are they serious? And why i dont get areason. I played normaly on his site and they kept without any reasonor evdidence almost the whole money. I dont think thats legal andclearly against woman Please help me out and please seriousanswer and no jokes but that case is not funny for me. thanks

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    post some tennis picks and pics thanks

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    Sorry to hear your troubles.

    If you like, post your complaint at the following link:


    You might want to give this one a shot as well:


    Best of luck

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    thanks a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by cincinnatikid513 View Post
    post some tennis picks and pics thanks
    ^^^ THIS... but you can skip the tennis picks

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    The phone rep has a point though.......

    Females generally don't sports bet.

    And if they do, it's not for huge amounts like that.

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    Is there any update? I hope it will be solved...