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    Dolphins Will Franchise Tag Jarvis Landry

    The top wide receiver in this year’s free agent class is off of the table. The Dolphins will place the franchise tag on Jarvis Landry, a source tells Ian Rapoport of NFL.com (on Twitter). The official numbers are not out yet, but it is believed that the one-year tender will be worth approximately $16.23MM. The Dolphins have since confirmed the transaction via press release.

    It’s a surprising turn of events considering the lack of fruitful negotiations between the two sides. For months, all indications have been that the Dolphins would not tag Landry, preferring instead to negotiate with him up until March and potentially allow him to explore the open market.

    In December, Landry’s agent Damarius Bilbo asked the Dolphins for a contract worth roughly $14MM per year with $30MM in guarantees. It’s expected that he’ll enter the coming round of negotiations with a similar ask. The Dolphins, who are looking to preserve what limited cap space they have, will push back and potentially open up talks with Kenny Britt‘s four-year, $32MM deal from last offseason as a starting point.

    The Dolphins like Landry, but the feeling is that a hefty multi-year deal for him could prevent them from locking up DeVante Parker down the line. Landry has topped 1,100 yards in two of his NFL seasons and nearly reached 1,000 yards this past season, but his yards per catch average dipped to a career low 8.8 per contest. Parker does not have a resume that comes close to Landry’s, but he possesses more potential as a deep threat. The Dolphins have Parker under contract through the 2018 season at a reasonable $3.46MM charge. After that, they can use the fifth-year option to control him through 2019.

    Per league rules, the Dolphins have until July 16 to hammer out a long-term contract with Landry. Otherwise, Landry will play under the one-year deal and the two sides cannot resume negotiations until after the season.

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    oh very interesting

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    Probably just looking for a trade to try to get some compensation.

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    He’s a poor men OBJ!! Pretty dam good tho

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    Nasty good when healthy
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    Quote Originally Posted by funnyb25 View Post
    Nasty good when healthy

    Think your referring to Parker. Landry is tough as nails. Parker sits our for hang nails

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxx View Post
    Probably just looking for a trade to try to get some compensation.
    When the Dolphins slapped Jarvis Landry with the franchise tag earlier this evening, it was assumed that the wideout would remain with the organization through at least the 2018 season. However, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com says the receiver could be shipped out in a trade as early as this offseason.

    A league source told Florio that the “quick tag” can be attributed to the team’s desire to trade Landry. A deal couldn’t be completed until Landry signs his tender, and Florio believes a trade would be unlikely unless the wideout agrees to a long-term contract with his new squad. Either way, a trade wouldn’t be completely unexpected, as there were whispers that the Dolphins were shopping Landry prior to last season’s trade deadline.

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    49er fans

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    Yeah, Landry is a deep threat, but the Dolphins starting QB can't throw accurately beyond 5 yards. Even if Tannehill had the arm to throw deep, he'd be on his back because the offensive line sucks.

    Dolphins front office should get the axe.

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    Heck of a player,having Cutler start last year helped boost his td numbers quite abit.Gotta get a proper QB in their,Tannehill will just continue to waste Landrys potential.
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    WR's diamond dozens

    lol what idiots