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    My hometown burgers are presidential... Milania had to have what LaDonk prefers....

    never any doubt in my mind what fast foot burgers are the best.....

    now Milania knows as well.....

    yes, after eating the Corpus Christi-originated Whataburgers and being blown away by what Corpus had to offer, Milania was extremely curious as to what other Corpus Christi-originated items/mainstays would also be so superior to what the rest of the nation has to offer.....

    my cell phone hasn't stopped ringing yet, and my wife is quickly losing her support for Milania......

    Milania is non-stop wanting one of these:

    and one of these:

    she likes a good strong buck......

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    What a waste of my time

    And I usually enjoy doing that but you make it very hard
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    automan your a jerkoff