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    Spurs + OKC ML Parlay +130

    Can't see either of these teams losing.

    Bucks are not a good team and Spurs are tough at home. Don't see anyone on the Bucks who can guard Aldridge down low. With Bledsoe in the starting lineup, I expect some growing pains for the Bucks. They should be competitive but won't have enough down the stretch. The toughest thing about bringing in a new PG like that is communication. I'm not expecting much in game 1 in SA.

    No Adams tonight for OKC so should maybe get a bit more spacing with Patterson/Grant or someone else. Would normally be tough against a dominant center, but Deandre can't get his own shot off. You pretty much just need to box him out. He'll get his putbacks and what not. Blake Griffin should dominate offensively against Melo and Patterson and Grant. Melo should be able to pull him out of the paint though, and Westbrook attacking Lou Will and Austin Rivers all night is a nightmare for Doc Rivers. Expecting game to be pretty close but for the Thunder to close it out with Westbrook down the stretch. Paul George played hefty minutes last night, but luckily he doesn't have to guard anyone in this game. Wesley Johnson? Lol. Next.

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    POSTING is DOWN 5000% without me
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    Bro, I'm on bucks

    Bad bet

    It's a conspiracy

    casino is rigged

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    The Kraken
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    What's the angle on OKC?

    Lost 4 in a row and have to win one eventually? Maybe they figure out, maybe not, I just can't back them right now. Backed them on their first 9 games and went 4-5 and then I bailed. Haven't found any reason yet to get back on the wagon

    Im on Clips ML so you're probably guaranteed a win

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    bucks and clippers win outright

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    Quote Originally Posted by krk1030 View Post
    bucks and clippers win outright
    I would be happy with that. Wait a minute goat are you fading me bro?