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    Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers

    Why is the Line So Low For the Total 39.5. Strongly Considering A Max Bet On The Over

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    Have you seen the qbs in this game? Why is total so high?

    Could easily see a score resembling game 5 of World Series, lol.

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    San Fran love a good drive to kick a field goal. Still 'zona could put up some points early but I feel this total is about right.

    Could go over though, 49ers were moving the ball fairly easily last time just couldn't convert maybe at home they do. Arizona blew a bunch of points that game also. Hard to trust either team to actually get touch downs though.

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    That game had different QBs for both teams. They both are horrible but I'm taking Cardinals for at least for them winning is important.

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    Terrible game

    Why bet it??