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    Lost with Houston to go to 3-1 +2.3 units on posted plays. I like the Yankees at -116. I think the value is that Archer is clearly the better pitcher so the Rays at an underdog price will look appealing. Sabathia has struggled at times this season, but he's pitching for only the 4 time in the last 2 months and should be fine against a Tampa Bay team that doesn't hit left handed pitching well. Archer was great in his last start, but he's struggled on the road. Archer put nearly 10 runners on against a bad Angels lineup and a Cubs team that doesn't hit right handed pitching - the Yankees have momentum here and the lineup is better with Frazier instead of Headley.

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    Yanks have good hitting team

    Pitching so so......they can go on run though

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    Yanks with Sabathia starting 7-0 L7 vs Rays.
    Rays with Archer starting 1-7 L8 vs Yanks, 0-4 L4 in NY.

    Applies to Rays today.

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