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Rollovers are only good if you know what you're doing and you have another low juice book where every bet it's risk-free

The problem is if a book has too many of those players it's how they can go under
Wont need to Arb anything ,
I'm not in desperation to cash out or have access to this money anytime soon
I have 2 other books for that
With this free play account I plan to grind

out 30 dollar bets and 2 to 3 man parlays
and outside of that forget about the money

down the road I'll be able to cash back out my original 1000.00
and play on house money like I have been on my other 2 accounts at dif books

basiically thinking of this as a bank holding on to my money with some insane
interest coming my way down the road

plus if I decide to buy ,let's say a computer or Lebron James house
I'll just use my betpoints for that