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    what is wrong with politics

    This is the republican trey radel. His father and uncle owns funeral homes in the west side of cinti. I had to deal with these guys a few times. If you remember the republican congressman from florida that pushed for the bill that welfare recipients get drug tested. This jackass got busted with cocaine. Now he is writing a book on his ordeals. Only in the usa can someone make money on his stupidity.


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    Micky money

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    Stupid people are stupid people....most just happen to be in politics.

    I remember years ago the leader of MADD in Florida got a DWI....must be something in all that water in and around Florida..

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    Politics attracts polarizing personalities, one tpye is at the end of the spectrum that works endlessly for other people. The other type of person is the one that sees oppourtunity for corruption, power and control at the expense of other people.

    From what I remember and what I read briefly from your link, Radel is likely the latter.

    The problem with these types of books is that there is never any way to believe what you read. I mean, the guy was a congressman so he knows some stuff and what he writes may be true but on the other hand, he could literally fill his book with verbal diarhea knowing some sheep will hang on his everybword assuming its true, and he'll make a nice paycheck to support his coke habit in the process.

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    they have been crooks since the beginning of time

    Terrible people

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    the media

    people not being flexible and being able to admit they're wrong

    just because someone has a different philosophy of doing something than you, doesn't make him an idiot or tard.

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    How did he know the cop was dealing?

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    What normal person would really want to get into politics? I guess normal is relative, but you have to have some issues to want that spotlight.

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    Most people are pos hypocrites which is necessary in politics. When someone is honest and straight forward, extremely stupid people vilify them. They'd rather believe the obvious fake charade. That's what's wrong.