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    I'm still new but ima keep my plays on one thread now on.

    YTD +300

    We got 500 from that last one now let's let it ride! 2 team teaser for even money

    1.Ohio Bobcats -1(teased 6pts)
    Yes Eastern Michigan is improving but to me have played an easy schedule. I've seen Ohio play and if they're offense is going watch out bcuz the Defense can cause havoc. Similar stats but the home team will take it.

    2.Temple Owls +10 (teased 6pts)
    Temple is the underdawg?!? Shiiit might take a stab at the ML. But I'll gladly take the teased points at +10. UCF is really improved with Scott Frost at HC but this should be a PK game. Gunna be a good one tho

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