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    Hey conspiracy theorists

    What do you think of the timing of the Clinton ruling & all of these shootings?

    Seems odd

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    she certainly isn't complaining especially since these are just "super predators" as she said.

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    I am in Dallas...it was just another false flag...pretty good acting

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    These stories just get worse and worse.

    I truly get amazed at how completely blind and idiotic the general public is.

    Gorillas, Gay Clubs, the latest with the girlfriend's crisis actor with her boyfriend being shot in the arm, and shes sitting there live streaming on facebook, lol. Because that's how a normal situation would be after my boyfriend was shot and bleeding next to me in a car. (Oh and she got her cellphone back, after she arrived at the hospital after being arrested getting out of a cop car). So when she got out of the cop car (in handcuffs), the policemen were so nice, and handed her cell phone back to her, and said ok, start filming again....OH AMERICA>

    Your truly f'in retarded. Sorry for the vent gentlemen. But these false flags and funnier for the day.

    And now this morning, I read "snipers take out Police at protest" MY GOD.

    But yet again ,this is the same public who actually drive and waste their time to "vote" on the next "president" of the United States. When your literally doing nothing beneficial or impactful for yourself, and not changing a damn thing.

    The same country who can't open their eyes to the "OSAMA" - "OBAMA" connection. < Literally this is how truly retarded our country is.

    But hey, Go back to CNN everyone! Because your vote matters! LMAO
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