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    NBA Plays For Saturday


    A nice 4-1 performance last night. I'm gonna take some of the winnings and roll it over tonight. Five games on the board, and in each game one team is rested while the other is playing a back to back. This late in the season, I lean to all of the rested teams, but I'm focusing on these three......

    CHICAGO -3 over Detroit. Both teams fighting for the playoffs, but the Bulls need it a lot more. Chicago got very sloppy last week, losing 4 games in a row. They managed to stop the bleeding and have now won 2 straight. They need to keep the win streak going if they want to make the playoffs. Take the more-desperate, rested home team with a short number.

    DENVER -9- over Sacramento. It's always tough to play a west coast game, lose at home, board a plane, fly to Denver, then play the next night in the thin air of high altitude. The Kings will once again be without their best player, Cousins. This team has very little pride and I wouldn't be surprised if this trip is more about getting pot shop edibles than a victory. Lay it!

    PORTLAND -5 over Miami. The Heat are also unrested and once again will not have Bosh or Wade. They can get away with that against the anemic Kings but not against this pretty tough Portland team.

    As always, best of luck

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