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    What user is the biggest gambling addict on here?

    This is a serious question. I notice some people place bets every day. Who is willing to come forth and admit they can't go a day without gambling?

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    Roger Mexico
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    When I don't make bets it makes my chest hurt.

    I don't enjoy gambling but I need to do it to survive or my heart will explode.

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    think this guy indirectly answered your question a minute after you made this thread LOL


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    refuse to lose
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    over 363.5 days -190 for me personally.

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    LOL Fidel im by no means the biggest gambler here, but I was just checking the schedule and noticed there is almost nothing going on. I will enjoy my family time without checking my phone for scores every 5 minutes.

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    El Nino
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    patty venditto

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    I used to be. lost my job on 2 separate occasions where the job paid over 100,000. I was so bad that bookies would call me at beginning of football season to make sure I was gambling. I even know the guys that got pete rose in trouble and was told the story by them. Also knew the a.t.f. agents that were told to back off him because the IRS wanted him. Played flag football in same league as him after my rugby career lol was over