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  • Blackjack Special

    19 12.58%
  • SBR Poker Freeroll Specil

    53 35.10%
  • SBR Sportsbook Special

    79 52.32%
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    yisman's Avatar SBR PRO
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    alright, what do we got?

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    playersonly69's Avatar SBR PRO
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    Just give us a poker tournament so that yisman can get lucky against me again

    A poker tournament would at let everyone participate

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    Russian Rocket
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    get us both...a SB special and a Poker tourney

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    Auto Donk
    biden is an incestuous pedo!!!
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    and blowjobs, don't forget about the blowjobs.......

    SBR sponsored fell-uh-tee-o (my cousin's pronunciation of the word when he was 11 or 12, after reading one too many penthhouse forums, he came down to TX, all proud of himself, making the statement "I could sure go for some of that fell-uh-tee-oh!")

    to this day we still pronounce fellatio as "fell uh tee oh" just for shits and grins

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    DGG23's Avatar SBR PRO
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    poker tournament 1 million betpoints turbo takedown
    Points Awarded:

    b1slickguy gave DGG23 4 Betpoint(s) for this post.

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    Nothing's easy
    str's Avatar SBR PRO
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    Quote Originally Posted by yisman View Post
    alright, what do we got?
    A landslide.

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    EmpireMaker's Avatar SBR PRO
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    A Poker Tournament and a Sportsbook Special combo would be awesome !!!

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    SBR Genie
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    So, I guest majority of you here votes for the SBR Sportsbook Special.

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    Statman's Avatar SBR PRO
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    Is there something official on this ? Appears just regular -110 lines are being offered in the SBR Book as of now or is there a special link being provided ?

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