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    Does Marshall deserve a shot at the playoffs if they go undefeated?!

    Why not give undefeated Marshall a chance?....The Thundering Herd have been impressive blowing out every team in their path...IMO, they are a damn good team and very legit!...While Conference USA might be mediocre at best and the SOS soft, they are still every bit as good as the lower third/bottom dwellers from the Big Five conferences....Part of what makes the NCAA Mens tournament and March Madness a must see great event is the upsets and the little guys from the mid-majors upsetting traditional powers from the major conferences and making deep runs in recent years....all they need is that chance and opportunity to prove it.

    If Marshall continues this hot streak and wins impressively, I would put them in as a wildcard...it's even more proof why the playoff format will likely expand once the current deal runs out....Next week, Marshall plays at UAB....UAB gave Miss ST all they could handle before succumbing to a late score and losing 47 - 34 in week 2!...Marshall also blew out Rice by almost the same amount as Notre Dame and Texas A&M did!...I know it's not going to happen even if they run the table but I'm interested in seeing what you guys think since we bet on these teams and I assume most of you watch these games.

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    Marshall definitely deserves a midweek national game. Get those other shitty teams off national television. I blame this on the Pennington, leftwich, rithlesburger, moss era. Now those teams are shit and don't deserve national time

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    I wish they could get a 16 team playoff together. Ohio State, Oregon, Alabama should get in. Mizzou (SEC) is 8-2 and not ranked. Marshall probably plays Notre Dame in the poinsettia bowl.