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    First of all, I am an 18 year old high school student writing a paper about twitter. As part of this paper, I am researching some of the angles people use to make money with it. One that I keep coming across is the " scam capper".

    My question is, is there any actual handicappers on twitter or otherwise that have a proven track record of winning? I have seen many scams and people who claim they are scams. I would like to get a quote from a legitimate person for my paper.

    Any help would be great.

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    I'm sure there are but you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who handicaps sports, charges $$ for their service and who has actual documented and verified winning records. Very few services do that. Some may say they are "winners" but have no proof other than a short term record...others may have records but their records are losing ones...

    People who release plays on Twitter that charge for their services make money off the people who sign up for a subscription, that's about it. Unfortunately, with the rise of social media, anyone can become a “handicapper” and charge for their opinion but most have no background or qualifications to legitimately call themselves that. They are simply sports fans, who know their way around a computer, that have seen a spot in the market where people will pay someone else for their opinion. Most lure potential customers in with shady marketing ploys or skewed statistics. They make money on the uninformed and na´ve…it typically has nothing to do with being a “proven winner”. Everyone goes on hot and cold streaks and they only typically spin the facts which puts them in a favorable light...you will rarely ever see any kind of long-term documentation. Also a majority of these so-called Twitter handicappers are fly-by-night services. They will be around for a bit, make a bit of money and then fall off the face of the Earth. They come and go, it's very rare you'll see one stay season after season. Sports betting is a billion dollar industry and the rise of social media has allowed more people to throw their names in the hat and try to collect on it.

    Best of Luck with your paper.

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    Thanks. That is kind of the answer I expected.

    I kind of assumed that was the case. If there were proven winners, I assume they would have made the sportsbooks go bankrupt a long time ago.

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    Check out brianmac.com kid that will be all the info u need