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    Fade the Denver Nuggets the rest of year

    Firing George Karl was mistake, but at the same not sure what he could do with roster either. This team does not have a point guard and they don't know WTF they're doing offensively. Even with Lawson back, they don't have anyone fill his spot when he's resting. Trading Andre Miller was a head scratcher, basically tanking the season. This team was almost unbeatable at home last year, now they are a joke and getting embarrassed regularly at home. Brian Shaw will probably be fired after 3 years when this team miss the playoffs 3 years straight.

    On the bright side, they will get the Knicks #1 pick next for the Carmelo trade.

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    Injuries ruined Denver this year, they had a solid core and were playing well until the injury bug hit. I think your right and now a fade



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    You should have posted this weeks ago.

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    After being blownout by the Bulls, the coach said something to the sort of his players were not engaging in the game and that players should be paid per game based on effort.

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    You were supposed to fade them from Day 1 of the season.
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    they dont have one guy on the team that can create his own shot and shaw is a moron who cant see this. He wants them to play a set offense but if you dont have guys that can get their own shot the only way to shield this is to play the run and gun offense that they played last year. Shaw thought he was so smart coming over and changing everything. Hes a horrible coach who thinks one style fits every team

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    They (denver )screwd my money line parlay last night, what a joke to get blown out by the kings at home, No idea why i even touched them withought doing my homework, had no idea nate robinson and a bunch of other players were injured, but they were still favored by 5, after getting destroyed by the bulls i tought they would play hard