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    Did anyone win a Super Bowl square

    I didn't get shit from Heritage or my other books

    4 entries and no winners

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    yo dog ,,i am the ish...
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    My friend pulled 3k on the first qtr. Was 200 per square....

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    I hit the final score i at heritage. Nice promo!

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    penetrate me to tears
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    my friends mom won 1000
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    Won a measly amount at a party when the Broncos made that garbage time 2 point conversion

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    I will never
    get numbers like this again and penetrating game starts off with a fukng SAFETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sea over Den as follows


    the salt on the wound is that I ahve made a meager wager of 2-10 every yar between 1997-2008 on "First Score of Game " = safety @ 80-1 First year I dont make it is when Tom Brady throws out of end zone and is rightfully/wrongfully penalized with safety. Following year I dont make this bet. Two years later I take a $10 freebie form one of the books and I bet "First score safety" at 75-1 whatever and it does not come in. A year or 2 later I neglect to take advantage of "freebies" in my Inbox feeling that it is a million to 1 that it will happen again so soon. A safety at some point maybe but first score of game? NAH, that ain't happenin' til 2088. Maybe if ever. So here we are a few years later KABOOM> ************!! I cannot make it to destination for kickoff so I pull in to nearest bar enroute and walk in right as ball goes past Peyton M. WTF????????????? DID I JUST MISS OUT ON THAT AGAIN!????????????

    When I sober up I will walk into middle of forest and have a good long cry.

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    Got nada....was in a few 20 and 50 dollar pools and one for 100 where I had 5-2

    Only real chance I had in one was Seahawks 3 Broncos 4 for 1000 final score (needed Broncos TD and failed 2PTC at the end )

    Never win these fukkin things, and honestly can't remember even sweating out a realistic chance at hitting big

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    Classiest Team In MLB
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    my lucky ass cousin won around 700 bucks

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    Never played any that's chump change to the numbers I'm betting

    Congrats to Guys that did win

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    A good friend of mine wins $1,000 on the third-quarter numbers if Denver kicks the extra point instead of (idiotically) going for two.

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    on to the next one
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    First win ever for me. Won 3qt when Denver got the 2 point conversion.

    6 and 8 babbbyyy

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    I won 1,000 on the first quarter. Would've won the second quarter too, if Denver would've kicked a damn fg!

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    Quote Originally Posted by broadway6 View Post
    First win ever for me. Won 3qt when Denver got the 2 point conversion.

    6 and 8 babbbyyy
    I won 3rd quarter too but why the penetrate did SEA not kick a field goal on either of the last two possessions??? Would have hit twice and my pool had the 4th qt payout the biggest. Thought I had it when I saw 5 min left on the clock on the 30 something yd 4th down. SMH